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About Me

I have a strong passion, similar to many others: horses. Since the age of 6/7 horses have been a major part of my life. I knew I needed my life to be focused around them so at 19 I started my career in horses. 


I started my career by working at a riding school, I was here just under two years. I then moved to a Audley End where the focus is on displaying horses and ponies in the modern day and in the Victorian Era (that meant learning aside riding!). I worked here full time for almost 3 years when I went part-time and started freelancing alongside for a year.  Within that time I worked at another riding school for 7 months, worked at a pre-training yard for 1 month, studied my BHS stages and went showing/ attended clinics / online courses.

After being part time and freelancing for a year I returned to Audley End full time to be the Stables Manager where I furthered vital experience and knowledge in the field. 

This brings us to now where I am back to working free-lance to teaching others the knowledge I have gained and keep gaining (with horses you can never stop learning).

Before my career started I worked at a stud, competed locally, attended pony club, loaned a few horses and helped friends with theirs while they were away.

The life of horses is a continual learning process and I hope never to stop. It really is a career of a lifetime.

My main interest

is in horse behaviour and the way we communicate with them to train the horses.

Through training horses I have found a return of therapy; horses ensure that we keep grounded and through them we can learn a lot about ourselves and the world around us. The more I learn about the horse and our communication and share this with others the more I see a change in our relationship, which is extremely rewarding.

I am a lightweight 5ft rider 

I am deaf in one ear.

Born April 1993

An Acreditted BHS coach


BHS stage 3 complete horsemanship

BSL level 2. (british sign language)

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