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  • Sinéad Christie

Week 1.

This is our first week of properly starting to get back into ridden work.

Monday Harry got his shoes put back on, these were off while he was on holiday.

Tuesday and Wednesday we did some nice long in-hand walks (he had done short ones last week)

Thursday I checked controls were in place in the school, walking, halting and turning. Halting let us down. But I don't blame him for that, when I realised that the old saddle didn't fit we also found out this was why he had started being bad when I stopped him - he didn't want to stop he wanted to get away from the saddle. Therefore in turn learnt that he not to stop immediately. This is something we shall continue to work on. I do not blame him and he does stop eventually he just has to realise with his swanky new saddle he does not need to worry about pain.

Friday and Saturday we hacked around the grounds in walk. When we hit the grass Harry was so ready to trot. I was so tempted to let him as his trot is amazing! But we are keeping it slow and steady. So on the first time he tried to trot I turned him tightly to the left, second time tightly to the right and the third time I applied my reins gently and he came to a walk and didn't try it again. Harry is super sensitive on the mouth so if you just keep pulling or pull hard then he fights against you and goes faster. Therefore I use circles first.

Considering that was his second hack and he'd come straight out of a stable I couldn't have wished for better. He was super relaxed and confident.

We have also been doing carrot stretches and pole work, to keep him nice and supple and stretch his muscles which will also help get him fit.

Sunday I am not going down to see him - a friend may work him but it may end up his day off. Either way I'm really happy with this week. Next week trot and bend keeping it all gentle on hacks not any schooling. Lunging week 3.

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