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  • Sinéad Christie

Week 2

Monday - A friend of mine completed Harry's exercise today. She used free schooling with lots of walk - halt transitions and turns. Also introduced a little bit of trot. Completed about 20 mins of exercise and from feedback he was a superstar.

Tuesday - I saw Harry today and we went hacking around the grounds. We did halt work and a nice trot, Harry got very excited and tried to canter! So I trotted until he calmed down. Went back to the start of the track and asked him to trot again, it was an energetic transition but he didn't try to canter so stopped the trot and left trotting their. I always like to leave things on the positive. The nutritionist from Allen&Page then came for a yard visit - we are going to swapping onto their feeds to be GM free. Harry was weight on a weighbridge at 500kg. I was also informed that he is looking a great weight for this time of year! It's always good to know we are on the right track. Feed swapping should be taking place Monday.

Wednesday - It's good to go over everything so we went into the school today. We walked around the schooling this time making sure he used his corners. We then trotted around until Harry relaxed and listened (he loves speed trot). We completed this on both reins. We then completed walk to halt transitions, he is getting better with these. 50% of the time he stopped first time. (reason for this under Week 1 post). An improvement from last week so ended on a happy note.

Thursday - Today we broke away from the physical fitness and worked Harry (and I) mentally. We have had some trailering issues in the past. At the end of last year I had Richard Maxwell come and help us. It has helped us millions. So I wanted to revisit the work. I did keep loading Harry into the trailer before he went on holiday. He also travelled in the trailer with another horse to the holiday field. So we wanted to try Harry on his own in the trailer. This went really well. We loaded him in and out the trailer, then into the trailer moved the bars across and the ramp up and down then let him out. We did this until Harry was relaxed then took him for a 5 min drive. Absolutely a star horse! I was nervous when we got to the ramp part so a couple of friends took over for me, I think I was excited on what felt like to me the final hurdle. Couldn't have wished for it to be any better.

Friday - After a great day yesterday a friend and I went for a hack off ground, lots of walking and a little trot. This meant more road work, seeing ladders, cars, motorbikes, motorbikes with covers on, people sitting in cars, dog walkers, gates... There was a couple of things he stopped to look at but once the other horse came up to him he walked on. He didn't need the other horse to hide the object but just to be beside him. Which I think is a great start.

Saturday - extra bonus day off for a great week!

Sunday - day of rest.

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