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  • Sinéad Christie

Week 3

This will be the last of my 'Week' posts. This is because I am taking Harry on a 2 week holiday to another yard where we can focus on our training and fittening. So hopefully we can start having more interesting titles and these may end up being for a few weeks periods.

Monday started again with free schooling with the same friend. This time Harry completed free schooling in walk, trot and canter as after a couple of days off he was full of beans and loving work.

Tuesday was a change of bit day. He had a loose ring, french link snaffle before at 5.5 inches. This was just a little close so when the rings moved they were taking some hair away. A friend has very kindly given us a bit of theirs which happens to be brand spanking new! This is 6inch egg - butt snaffle with lozenge connection. He went really well in it today and hopefully will just keep improving. We stuck to riding in the school just incase Harry didn't like the bit. I also put pads under the right hand side of the saddle because it keeps slipping this way. I know the saddle fits Harry when he is in full work but because he has time off we need to obtain the muscles again so I have padded it. If I leave it I believe the slipping will stop Harry from getting the muscles back and I don't want to keep refitting my saddle every month. So I have opted for this. Personal preference; if Harry disagreed I'd change it but for today he was amazing. He even started rounding through the trot and walk. (not on the bit in the way most people think but the beginning stages of it all). Happy days, big smiles. I love this horse.




Now I've updated this too late that I've forgotten what we did when. We definitely completed some in-hand work. We also went on a hack off grounds with a speedy canter that included a buck to start. It's nice to let horses let off some steam every now and then. But that is all I can remember. Oppps.

Saturday - We trailered Harry to his new yard for two weeks until he comes back. I will still be working him and seeing him every day. So it's a working holiday for us both. He loaded great.

This week Harry has also been swapping onto his Allen & Page food - fist fibre and un-molassed chaff is the recommendation. He loves the stuff. As the feed is soaked it looks like a lot more food too so he thinks he is being spoilt! They send us a great pack of information about the feed recommended to give Harry, the quantities, the other products they have, feeding horses in general,

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