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  • Sinéad Christie

A test of strength.

So when we got home Harry saw the Bodywork lady again. There was pain in Harry's neck - he bit himself every time at the same point in his neck. It was something we were just going to keep an eye on but Harry started showing other signs that something was wrong:

Lethargic, stumbling on near-fore, lame on off-hind, was very flat in carriage, walked with head straight or low, she stopped playing with the other horses. He was not himself, you could see he was hurting.

I called the vet.

Even at this stage I suspected the worst. I thought I would loose my horse. I don't know why, I don't usually over-react but I guess that was a fear of mine I thought had enough possibility.

When the vet came out she agreed - something with Harry was not right but there was no external problems and he was sore in the neck area. She gave use three possibilities: 1 Internal Infection, 2 Muscles were sore/rippe... 3. Something wasn't quite right in the spine.

She took bloods which came back clear - so no internal infection.

He went onto Danilon for 1 week - re assessed and still looked the same. So potentially not muscular.

So Harry went in to the vets for an x-ray.

I ended up being alone for the x-ray results. I knew I wouldn't concentrate as I expected the worst. I also knew that for the first time in forever I'd cry. It all felt too real to me and it felt too close to the possibility of being something really bad. (I'm obviously really sensitive and over-reactive when it comes to my own horse). I don't know how people that have to be alone for these decisions do it. I was really lucky that a friend came and met me at the vets and we went out for breakfast before I had to drive home - too many tears and I needed to get myself together. What an emotional wreck.

The results came back that it was worth investigating further. If we went from the x-ray alone we'd be looking at wobblers, but x-rays can make things look worse than they are. Also that didn't explain the hind problem.

Well I couldn't remember anything she said, I just remember the x-rays not looking good. So she rang a friend and explained our options.

After the bone scan it may support the wobblers explanation - that meant retirement. Or it could show that the neck was fine but there was a problem in his spine elsewhere - in this case need steroid injection and then go back to normal work.

So really this sounded quite hopeful and Harry being 6 had that in his favour.

Well I wish I could have been a stronger person, especially where we are now. But no, it seems that with my horse I'm a pessimist.

Well the bone scan results came back with all being normal. Nothing to cause his wobbliness. Only showed a hotspot in a muscle in his hind leg - this could be a tear or bone formation.

Ultrasound Friday to tell us more. And a trot up - as if he is still dull and not right in-front then we need to come up with a plan.

SO here I am finally feeling stronger for my boy, feeling like there's a chance. Ready to fight. Fingers crossed. I just want my boy home :)

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