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  • Sinéad Christie

Starting out

So as many of you may know, I recently (a couple of months ago) had to make the hardest decision for my once in a lifetime horse. I never thought I would get another horse until a good year had passed. Time to move from Harry.

So why have I ended up with this handsome chap?

I always see horses for sale online, I never thought that much about it, just being nosey at what was out there. I told a friend I was doing this and they had been to an archery course at The Centre of Horseback Combat. Who on their facebook had a horse for sale. My friend said I needed to get him, he was my type of horse (I am quite fussy with horses). After saying no I can't have a horse now I kept seeing the videos they posted and the comments people left.

He was my type of horse.

When you find your type of horse you cannot let them go.

So I messaged The Centre of Horseback Combat. Viewed him. Loved him more. and so the process continued and now I own this spectacular horse.

I know I will still go through the grieving processes for Harry but Enzo will be my rock through this and we will build, learn and grow. Our path will be a different one to mine and Harry's. It is very exciting. I cannot wait for our journey.

He has already settled in so well and comes to the gate whenever I go up there.

I gave him a few days to settle, just bringing him in for a brush. Then walked him in the school in-hand then the next day ridden. I only keep working him until he breaths and settles - at the moment that seems to be 10 minutes! Nice and quick for him. He has also started to meet many of our friends and will hopefully continue to meet more.

I brought him in full knowledge of his only down side being that he is not great with men - not horrible just very aware of them and needed a carrot to be caught. So far we have not had this trouble - two men have seen him and he was happy to stand for strokes in the field without treats. We shall have to see if that continues. So exciting!

Here are two photos; one of Enzo enjoying his salt & mineral lick and one of our trial ride.

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