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  • Sinéad Christie

Black Beauty Moment

I find blogging difficult; yet love it as it keeps a record on the progress with the horses. But how do you make every day situations seem exciting?Trick is you don't. But the horses sure do as Enzo proved today.

I guess I should at least update Enzo's progress first. Last blog was about him arriving. Since then Enzo has done really well. He has settled schooling in the walk and trot, including pole work, been down the byway outside the stables in-hand and ridden, lunged in walk trot and canter and had saddler and bodywork lady out. He had been really settled in everything and allowing me to push him more and more each day as he started to trust me.

Ok, I mean almost there was a slight hick up on our first attempt of ridden canter. To be frank I didn't set him up well and tried this on a saddle fitting day. He just sprung like a Springbok pronking ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMIiB9DnRXg&t=97s ) a few times. Then I stopped him and made a mental note to visit this once I had time. They were not big but not a canter.

Yet he has been a gem when it comes to new people, at first he was really touchy but the more new people around him the more confident he is that people change, come and go. My boyfriend (who has only really seen Enzo twice from a far) managed to go up alone into Enzo's field, catch him and take his rug off with no issue. This was a big moment for a horse nervous of men!

It probably helps that he is short too. Next step I guess is finding taller men!

So then we get to today. Today was going to be our first road hack. And that it was. Enzo was fairly nervous as you would expect but got better the further through the hack we went. It was just a shame I couldn't stop the incident before the hack that meant his anxiety was up before the hack had started. Then he would have been set up for a perfect hack!

Enzo was in his stable as usual, after a brush and tacked up. (he does live in the field but I liked to have him used to his stable too so use this as tacking up space)

But as we left Enzo was far too relaxed, did not want to move over so his stirrup caught the side of the door.

He freaked.

The saddle slipped slightly (girth was not tightened yet I do that out of the stable) and the stirrup came away. He reacted majorly to getting caught on the door and went up, rearing and bucking, a true rodeo horse! - next time I shall remember to lead reins over his head, funny the habits you get into with your own horse- His stable is in a barn so I was quite worried about hitting into something as we spun around watching him leap about. My friend and boyfriend moved quickly out the way which was a relief as I cannot see over Enzo so had no idea of their location.

Somehow I guided Enzo out of the barn to the open space outside. Don't ask me how but I was grateful for the space to get out of his way. He had a moment where I thought he was going to stop, but I think at that moment he realised the saddle slipped and off he went again. There I was holding onto his rein, lucky that he wasn't striking out with his front hooves, keeping him on a circle and out of his way. The yard owner came out of the other barn seeing the commotion and shouted "Keep Hold", thankfully she did, she kept me going. Phew. Enzo stopped we breathed. We reassembled the tack. The lovely owner checked the state of the stirrup which was together and we were ready for our ride.

I never expected such a reaction from him, especially at the stage where I really thought he was relaxing. But I am forever grateful for the moments that make me know what training we need to do. I know we cannot train for every single occasion but hopefully he can learn to learn in moments like these and his reaction can be less.

I sure hope it sounds as fantastic and great as it was in the moment. He looked so ELEGANT doing so; one day maybe the rears and leaps can be controlled!

Onwards and upward! (well hopefully with hooves on the ground)

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