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  • Sinéad Christie

Winter's coming

It's getting colder now and as ever horsey plans are always changed.

After Equifest I planned to get Georgie cantering and hacking away while being ridden to then give her the winter off. However she then got a swelling on her leg which has finally gone down! I am hoping today I can re-start her to get to this point as she has had a whole month off. She can then have another holiday and come back into work beginning of next year - depending how it all goes.

She has been a really easy pony to ride away and is very brave in all situations! Even if you fall off she just stands there and looks at you wondering what you are doing.

I assume this asks for the question of how I fell off, honestly it's really embarrassing on my part! I got onto the mounting block next to her went to put my foot in the stirrup but missed and landed right underneath her. She was an angel. I do believe that she will make a perfect child's pony. When at Equifest we had a group of us bathing and grooming her (2 kids and 3 adults) where she did not make a fuss until after 1 hour when she was a little bored, so she stamped her feet. Seeming as she has not really experienced this I could not blame her at all! She entered a couple of inhand classes and did not put a foot wrong! Georgie even laid down in the stable on the first night! A completely relaxed pony. On one of the days I hacked her around the site in walk and trot, she was so laid back! Just got tired quickly from taking everything in after the shows and her hack.

I really cannot wait for her future but have a feeling we will need to find her a child home one day.

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