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  • Sinéad Christie

Sound Pony

So last time I wrote I gave Georgie time off after Equifest as she then had a swelling on her leg from playing in the field too much. The swelling is no more so we can now progress again.

Georgie is back to riding at walk and trot, she has now had two others ride her as well! This includes road hacks and hacks around a site where there is a lot of equipment for her to see, including tractors and scissor lifts ect.

She had been free-schooled by new people and me in walk trot and canter as well as lunged in tack at all three paces. We are looking to lunge me on her in the three paces then take her out.

She has met lots of new horses in her field and has finally been boss over one pony. Every one loves her, she is great to handle, groom and be around. Once the cantering is mastered she will be on her way to great things.

Georgie has also filled out and started growing into her own. What a stunning horse all round.

There is never a bad word to say about this pony. She comes on heaps and bounds so quickly that I just seem to list all she achieves. Her future shall be bright.

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