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  • Sinéad Christie

Speeding ahead

So from my last post we were going to get Georgie back riding and working on the cantering. Now you may have seen some of these updates on Instagram or Facebook already, but here they are together :)


She is one quick little pony. We cantered on the lunge as when on a hack she just proceeded to trot as fast as one could. We cantered on the lunge with tack on. The next time with a rider on - in which she had a mild tantrum that we pushed through. Finishing once she was good. I then gave Georgie a day off which followed by one more lunge canter session where she did not put a hoof out of line. The following week we went on a hack and cantered along with another pony and she LOVES it.

From here we have had another person riding Georgie too. Which has included a hack along the roads - including a small part on a busy main road! She was rather happy and just had a small look at some shiney ivy.

Then there has also been some fun fair rides at Audley End - where she is at the moment due to covering a couple of ponies who are on holiday - which we have met and are not phased with. We also stepped in for one of the ponies who was not too sure on the rides while they are up and running to deliver presents Father Christmas.

I cannot say too much more about all of these because Georgie is far too well behaved - who would have thought that she is only 3!

The only thing I have realised is Georgie is very aware of the clippers. I have clipped a bip on her as she was getting very sweaty. At the start of being clipped Georgie was nervous, she became a lot braver and fell asleep while I clipped her belly. However going up the neck tickled her too much so I held it there until she relaxed and then I stopped. Always finish on a positive.

We are taking her to a pole/jump show this weekend and two more people are going to be riding her this week! More challenges and I bet more proof of an amazing pony. I just hope this is a good sign of good training around her.

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