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  • Sinéad Christie

Winter is over!

So that's what they keep saying, although I look out of my window and I am not so sure.

Better weather, more riding! That is what I keep hoping. But luckily for me it doesn't matter too much at the moment. Why? Because Enzo is at a temporary home that includes an arena and off road hacking on hard ground or grassy areas, including up on a hill so that it has better ground for riding.

He is here so I could get him into work and help him with his social anxiety. How is it going?

Now I don't want to say too much because it's still going. I am a firm believer in commenting on events once they've been completed as it always changes once you start talking. But I guess I can reflect on the last few weeks (I am just not going to say my thoughts on it, but hopefully you can make your decision on how you think we are progressing).

With the social anxiety he has been turned out with four other horses, they go away and come back at various times. Sometimes he is left on his own, sometimes he is not. When I bring him in sometimes there are other horses and sometimes we are alone. The first three days of this we had lots of shouting and a couple of leaping tantrums in the field. Now he just calls out but does eat his haynet.

We have not had one of our 'black beauty' moments yet. (never say never!)

For riding: we have worked in walk and trot - canter soon but my house move has not helped this week! This included alone or with others and working away from other horses even though they are insight.

We have used the arena too! Walk and trot, lunging and some ground work - he comes to me when I whistle!!! Which if you don't know me is really exciting because of one important factor: I CANNOT WHISTLE. So really he comes to a breath of air but hey, we are having fun. We have also ridden in the school without a saddle or bridle!!! This was super fun for me, he started a little tense but soon settled into it.

Enzo has even had an adventure out, lucky for me I have a friend who has a trailer license and a horse who she takes out and about so we got to tag along. We went to Newmarket, Palace House for a flatwork clinic which was super fun, we learnt a lot! He also got to learn about being tied to the trailer (so he could see all the horses, next time we shall try in the trailer). Horses were coming and going in a relaxed environment which provided great practice for his separation anxiety.

We have a pole work clinic booked there for next time, which is actually really soon!

So, the weather outside may not reflect spring but I feel our mini adventures do.

Happy horse, happy me.

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