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  • Sinéad Christie

Much to say

Since the last post there is a lot to write. I guess that's the same every time I blog - I need to do these a little bit more regularly. Then maybe I can write more detailed blogs and remember everything.

The last time I wrote everything was going well and I was blind to what was to happen around the corner. Nothing bad. Just a pause in the progress.

Enzo had an abcess for a little while, a really small one. The only annoying thing was when boxrest was finished the ground was so wet we had to wait a while for better weather before turning out.

While this happened it was rather surprising to see how well Enzo coped - ok when he first went out to the field he had springs in all hooves and air between his hooves and the ground at all times - he would walk to be tied up so I could muck out and poultice without any problem. He was a star.

After this the focus was getting fitness up and practice riding with others ready for our holiday in Devon.

The training went really well! On box rest Enzo did not lose too much muscle so was easier to get fit again. I also found the BHS Hack 1000miles challenge, that I thought I would give a go. With everything we have done from this point we have reached 100 miles already! I just need to remember to put the tracker on!

Then it was holiday time! The holiday was planned around going to Emma Massingale's yard for her first time of running her Micro Adventures. Honestly it was amazing, and deserves a bigger name for so much was fitted in to just a few days!

It was a turning point for Enzo and I. I had already felt like we were starting to really find our feet with each other and the holiday just solidified that. All partnerships were challenged and encouraged to the right degree for them. Yet we all tackled the same tasks no matter what level we were at.

Just to give you an insight on to the quick progress: we herded sheep on day one! A task I expected (and I believe the others did too) to approach sheep, sheep run in one direction and the horses in the other. However, everyone handled it like PROS!!!

Alongside this we learnt the start to liberty and trick training. We had a little unicorn with us (mini-horse dressed up as used for pony parties) who was amazing at the tricks and was lovely to see how much she could do. Enzo almost got to smiling - the hardest part was being quick enough for photos! However with the liberty we smashed it! He followed me without any ropes, pass two donkeys and five other horses working. Super proud moments.

On the donkey note we also met a micro pig who loved hanging out with the horses and being super nosey.

Other activities included riding with a bareback pad - I would so love to get one!, hacking out in a wooded area, coasteering, foraging, watching and learning from each other and watching Emma with her team of 6!

It was a super adventure I would recommend to everyone!

As Devon is a long drive we stopped at the New Forest over night on the way down and back again. We stayed a lovely place - New Forest Thatched Cottage - where the horses were in a gorgeous field. They were so relaxed from the word go that they had lovely lay-ins too! From here we walked and hacked a couple of routes in the New Forest. It was beautiful.

The only down side to the New Forest is that we learnt about Crab Flies. We were so lucky our horses handled them well! After this I looked up and they seem pretty hard to stop them bothering the horses - I have not found a single solution! Luckily they didn't last with us too long! I would just recommend everyone checking them out as the stories about them sending the most ploddy horse a little bit crazy are not false.

When we returned stopped off four one week at Audley End House to perform in the liberty training display alongside our friends who had joined us for the move. Enzo's first display and it put to test our partnership we had built. It was so rewarding that both days went so well.

After this spectacular adventure Enzo has moved to hopefully our final yard - at least for a long time. We are still in the settling down stages but hopefully us being there suits everyone. It's rather a lot for horses to keep moving homes and not something I wanted to keep doing. We have been at four yards in 11 months! So hopefully he will settle and relax and breath now.

We kept moving because environment is key to anyone, your house has to feel like your home and if it doesn't suit then you cannot reach your full potential. So fingers crossed for this place.

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