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  • Sinéad Christie

Jumping at liberty...

... training has started.

Our jump is a couple of poles between wings just above the ground. Enzo's jump is to step over it at a walk. All the small steps count; a win with a small step leads to another win that can keep building.

Although the jump size and style is small the task I find a big ask. It is sending Enzo away from me without ropes to go over a jump and then head back to me after the jumps.

You may have seen the video already (I think I posted it on instagram? if not I will soon) where after two sessions he is really doing well. I do not give him enough credit for his intelligence to grasp each concept so quickly.

The first time I asked Enzo to go over the jump he moved away from me, stepped over it then stopped and stared at me unsure whether to come back. I had to find a way to show him that coming back after I send him away is fine. This part has really come along that after the jump he now looks at me and comes over. I just have to be really careful with any signals I may accidently give him as he is really clever at reading me and trying to do what is right. He taught me a really big lesson around this: there was one time I moved towards him after the jump and he stepped away. I didn't even notice I done it that I even gave another cue which sent him into canter and then into play mode. After a few minutes I brought it back down to a more focused and slow pace. So far this has not happened again but human error can always play a part. It adds to the training as then we are both learning.

The next step is to ask Enzo to step up the pace to allow him to actually jump. I am jumping up and down at the thought of it, super happy.

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