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  • Sinéad Christie

A gentle year

At the beginning of the year we went to sell Georgie. I just did not have the time to put into her and she deserved more than that. But I believe things happen for a reason and I am hoping we shall find that out.

We had one person who viewed Georgie and wanted her with a few more others wanting to see her. However she came up with a lump on her leg and needed time off. The potential buyers said no to her and I stopped anyone else from seeing her. I gave her more time off than she needed as she is young and some time away does not hurt. Since then she has been picked up a couple of times a week had some nice hacking and my boyfriend has even sat on her! He hasn't ridden for a year or so and had only ridden for a year before. She proves herself time and time again. So far we have only walked and trotted, taking things nice and gentle as her teeth are coming through and she was growing again.

She got a new saddle that fits her new size and it should be ok when she chunks out more too.

This year for her is just about being out and about, seeing things and enjoying it. She has walked up and down the road with big lorries, tractors and motorbikes zooming pass - it's a long stretch where everyone speeds so when the slow down it's not really that slow and she did not bat an eyelid. The only thing I have found she minded was when a person was walking behind us getting closer and closer that she felt the need to keep an eye on them.

She has had experience of standing still for everyone to groom her and she has had a fly mask on.

She was not so sure on the fly mask at first but now really appreciates it as it means I am no longer going up 3+ times a day to put suncream on - my fuel tank appreciates it too!

This heat and her pink nose did not suit.

So as you can see - this is what she has done for the year. Not much at all but for 4 years old - she doesn't need to rush.

At the moment her plan is to have a holiday for about three weeks with another mare she loves and enjoy seeing new sights and new people. She also has not travelled for a little while so that will be another good practice for her - she has never been a problem travelling, just a little impatient before you start off. I think that's her exciting plan for this year.

I always worry I am not doing enough with her but then I see her and she comes straight over to you in the field. You can let her have weeks off then jump on and walk down the busy road. This is the personality I want to keep and not ruin by pushing her so I know what we are doing is working and enough for her for now.

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