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  • Sinéad Christie

Rider Change

I have always been the one riding Enzo since I bought him, which works well for me. However in my mind if one day I am ill or something happens to me then Enzo would not be prepared for another rider. Yes he would work in a way anyone could ride but with him having an anxious mind he would very quickly know the difference and very likely to be a little bit stressed with a different rider if it had been left a long time. So although in his previous home he did have other people riding him, it is something I want to keep going.

We have been building to this moment due to the anxious mind in him - when I very first had him I was the only one to even be able to catch him as he did not trust others. This means there has been many people working other horses around him, then catching him to then build to working with him on the ground. So that meant one thing was left to do - get someone else aboard.

We had a day where he was working beautifully (beautifully = listening to aids) and there was another rider in the arena so I just had to ask her to jump on. That day Enzo had a different saddle on and I was riding without stirrups. So when I asked the other rider in the arena if she would like to sit on him I was expecting a no. I was so happy when she said yes.

He proceeded to stand happily at the mounting block and ride in the exact same way he does with me. It really helped having a rider who was able to adapt to his style; I often find we get so used to riding one way that adapting to different horses does not always come naturally.

It was such a lovely moment to see. It makes me feel as though we have come a long way.

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